The Best Dog Wheelchairs 2022

There are many reasons a pet may need a wheelchair and various qualities that make one wheelchair better than another. Learn how to select the right dog wheelchair for your best friend and the countless benefits or using a dog mobility cart.

Why would a dog need a wheelchair?

Most commonly, Dog Wheelchairs are used for pets with signs of decreasing mobility due to age or other degenerative health conditions. The conditions below are among some of the leading causes of canine paralysis and rear leg weakness in dogs.

  • IVDD
  • Degenerative Myelopathy or DM
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Slipped disc
  • Osteosarcoma or cancer
  • Spinal and neurological problems
  • Injury, especially those with a long term recovery

A dog wheelchair can Also help pets recovering from surgery, that have amputations, or missing limbs and give them the support they need to exercise and increase their strength during rehabilitation.

Benefits of a Dog Wheelchair:

Dog wheelchairs help dogs regain their independence and get their mobility back. They also allow the dog to run, play and get much-needed exercise. Along with a physical transformation, pet parents often see an emotional transformation in their pets, as well.

An inactive dog can become depressed quickly, loses leg strength, and can lose muscle mass quickly. All that changes once a disabled dog gets into their mobility cart. The support of a dog wheelchair helps pets to stand up on their own, relieve themselves naturally, strengthen their legs, and limit their risk of atrophy or muscle loss.

Most common question asked about using a dog wheelchair:

Can a dog poop and pee in a wheelchair? Yes, most dog wheelchairs are designed with that purpose in mind.
Watch the video below to see how it works:

How much does a dog wheelchair cost?

Expect to find a wide range in pricing when looking for a dog wheelchair. Often when it comes to wheelchairs, the bigger the dog the bigger the price tag. For a high-quality durable wheelchair that is fully adjustable and easy to use, expect to pay between $150-$500. Although you may find lower-cost wheelchairs, they are typically lower quality, difficult to use, or better suited for short term use. When it comes to the cost of a wheelchair, you get what you pay for.

Another alternative is a custom wheelchair but that will come with a higher price tag, and the company may only provide pricing and a quote after they have all your measurements and information making it a time consuming and difficult process to complete. Since the cart is custom built to fit your dog, double check your measurements to avoid a costly mistake.

There are many Dog Wheelchairs on the market today;  Below are the ones that have made our Top Ten List.

1. Walkin’ Wheels Medium Dog Wheelchair 30-69 lbs.

• The wheelchair is collapsible, easy to transport.
• Excellent Customer Service
• Easy to assemble, no tools need for adjustments
• Adaptive, turn two wheels into four wheels without a huge expense
• Sold on Amazon and
Sure-fit Guarantee when ordering with the Sure-Calculator
• Ships out same day as long as order is placed before 12pm Est. time

• Sure-Fit Guarantee is applied only to orders placed using the Sure-Fit calculator.

2. Walkin’ Wheels Mini for Toy Breeds 2-10 lbs.

• Adjustable in the Width, Height, and Length
• Easy to adjust from two wheels to four wheels without a large expense
• Walkin’ Wheels experts are always willing to help!
• fittings are Available by appointment
Sure-fit Calculator to help get the correct fit
• Sold on Amazon and

• Only available in blue.
• Sure-Fit Guarantee is applied only to orders placed using the Sure-Fit calculator.

3. Eddie’s Wheels: 16–25 lbs.

Eddies Wheels dog wheelchair

• Custom to fit your dog’s measurements.
• Made in the USA
• Built by a mechanical engineer
• Sold on

• Two week turnaround time
• Eight measurements needed (Check measurements before ordering)
• Available by appointment

4. XS Best Friend Mobility Wheelchair 8-11 lbs.

Best Friend Mobility wheelchair

• Cheap price tag
• Chat feature on their website.
• Sold Amazon &
• Instructions can be confusing
• It can be difficult to put together.

5. K9 Cart Large Wheelchair 66-100 lbs.

K9 Cart dog wheelchair

• Four measurements needed
• Custom-built
• Made in the USA
• Sold on Amazon &
• Limited adjustability
• Tools are required
• Check measurements before ordering
• Manufacturing and shipping could take up to 2 weeks.

6. Walkin’ Wheels Small Dog Wheelchair 11-25 lbs.

Walkin' Wheels small dog wheelchair

• Simple setup, adjustable in the Width, Height, and Length
• Easily convert cart to four-wheel wheelchair when needed
• Light weight and easy to travel and store without taking up a lot of space
• Lots of color options, wheelchair is available in four different colors
• Excellent Customer Service
Sure-fit Calculator to help get the correct fit
• Sold on Amazon and
• Sure-Fit Guarantee is applied only to orders placed using the Sure-Fit calculator.

7. Ruff Rollin’ – Front Wheel Only wheelchair for dogs 41-60 lbs.

• One of the few front-wheel only wheelchairs on the market.
• Detailed measurements needed for a custom fit.
• Custom colors are available for an additional charge.
• Sold on
• Nonrefundable.
• Pets must have strength in their rear legs.

8. Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair:

Walkin' Wheels large dog wheelchair

• Adjustable in Width, Height and Length
• Option to upgrade the wheels for active Pets
• Excellent customer service via Phone, Chat, Facetime, or email.
• Well-built and folds for easy transport and storage
• Fittings available by appointment
• No tools needed to adjust
• Use the Sure-Fit Calculator to get the Sure-Fit Guarantee.
• Turn two wheels into four wheels without a huge expense
• Sold on Amazon &

• Not recommended for pets over 180 lbs.

9. HiHydro XS-PU Height: 7.5 – 13.75”

• Sold on Amazon
• Low Cost
• Two measurements
• Lightweight
• Needs to be assembled
• Instructions can be difficult follow
• Usually ships 4 – 5 days

10. Walkin’ Scooter for Indoor Mobility

• Sold on Amazon &
• Glides easily on hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, and Berber carpet
• Acts as a dog wheelchair alternative for inside the house
• Rollerball castors allow easy movement in any direction
• Not recommended for outside use

Our Conclusions:

Although there are many Companies providing wheelchairs for Dogs, Our top recommendation is the Walkin’ Wheels Brand. They offer a full-size assortment of quality adjustable products and have many fun accessories to customize your pet’s wheelchair such as skis for walks in the snow. Finally, Walkin’ Pets is a leader in the industry and their customer service is second to none. So if you have a pet that would benefit from using a wheelchair, Check out Walkin’ Pets by first. You won’t be disappointed!